About Me

I have been serving in campus ministry at Penn State Berks with CSFPA since 2005. Recently I took on the additional role of Assistant Executive Director, giving me more responsibilities overseeing our ministries across the state. As I have moved into this position, I have felt the need to increase my skills by getting training as a Life Coach.

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I have worked in campus ministry for 15 years. As I have gained experience, I have taken on more roles in our ministry across the state. Learn more about the campus ministry here.


I desire to see all people, especially non-profit workers, reach their full potential. To help me do this, I am being trained as a Coach. Learn more about coaching here.


I love reading! I read for fun and I read to learn. My blog is often where I write about books I am reading. It is also where I share articles and other, hopefully, thought-provoking material. Read my blog here.