Way back in December, then again just a few weeks ago, CSF hosted a “Question” night.  We never really settled on a title (the most recent one was “Question and Response”, the one back in December had a more creative name).  The one in December we worked really hard on promoting on campus as well as off campus which paid off in an attendance of nearly fifty, double our usual.  For the most recent one we had mostly the usual CSF crew as we kind of threw it together last minute and did not promote as well.  No matter who shows up, we always have a good time.  I kept the questions, and here they are, to show you the kind of questions college students ask:

Why can’t your truth be different then someone else’s truth?

Isn’t it the need to be right that leads to religious wars? Do you think that’s what God wants?

Where do babies go when they die?

What if someone was born on an island and wasn’t introduced to a religion, do they go to hell?

What’s the most important thing in the Bible?

How do you know if speaking in tongues is real?

What are the chances you would be of a different faith if you were born in another country? Or had different parents?

Why do you need to worship a God who has everything?

Can you be good without being part of any religion?

Doesn’t religion separate people more than bring them together?

If God inspired prophets, what about those who kill their children in the name of some god? Is that right? Where does the line cross between God and insanity?

What race was Jesus?

Why did slavery happen in America?

Why are there so many different sects of Christianity?

What happened in the missing years of Jesus’ life?

What is the mark of the beast (666)?

Why must God/Jesus have you believe in him in order to be saved?

What must one do to be saved?

Which Bible is the real Bible: Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox?

Why are there such disparate views between Christianity and science concerning evolutionary theory?

Does God have a gender?

Do you think God prefers Christians? Wouldn’t an all-loving God love everyone?

If Jesus is God then what do you call the God he prayed to?

What is the difference between Christianity, Islam and Judaism?

There are millions of people who practice other religions, what will happen to them when they die?

What makes the Bible more than just a collection of stories?

Where did Jesus go in the 3 days between death and resurrection?

Did Adam have a belly button?

How can you believe the Bible is true if it was written by imperfect humans?

Through translation could the Bible have been fabricated and how would we know?

What happens when we die?

Why do we have an appendix if we don’t need it?

Does God always work within the confines of logic?

Why is the Old Testament God seen as jealous and just rather mean in general?

Is Judas in heaven?

How did you come to be a Christian?

With all of the things happening today (i.e. war, natural disaster, global warming), could the ‘end of days’ or Jesus’ return be near?

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