Personal Update

On Saturday, with the help of many friends and family, we moved into our new house.  I am typing this surrounded by unopened boxes, many of which were hauled up to the attic despite the groans of our helpers (thanks…sorry I read a lot and thus own a lot of books).  Owning a house is a bit scary, who am I kidding, it is practically terrifying!  It is so permanent.  This decision was made as we believe the Berks area is the place for us to be.  I plan to continue working in campus ministry for…who knows how long, at least a few more years.  The two are tied together: buying a house and settling down means a commitment to more years of campus ministry.  There is a finality to all of this.  Of course, Emily and I are still young and who knows where we’ll end up in the years ahead.  But we’re here now and we’re not going anywhere soon.

So I’ll  be writing about campus ministry, sending out e-mail newsletters and working with college students.  Emily will be teaching Spanish to English speakers and English to other language speakers and maybe even some English to English speaking kids with bad English.  Skippy will be hoping around on three legs, well, not really now that he has a prosthetic!

Thanks for your continued support of the ministry.  God Bless.

One thought on “Personal Update

  1. Hi Dave and Emily,

    Congratulations on your big step. We hope you have many years of happiness in your new home!

    dave, randi and adam

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