Class of 2014 Mindset List

Each year since 1998 Beloit College has created a “mindset list” that explains some of the ways the incoming class of freshman are unique.  Part of the reason for doing this is to help faculty avoid cultural references to things the students would be clueless about.  The class of 2014 was mostly born in 1992 which means they were never alive when the Pittsburgh Pirates were good or Barry Bonds was not on steroids!!!

The list this year is interesting as always.  Right at the top of the list (#2) is the fact that e-mail is too slow and they never use snail mail.  If you want to get ahold of college freshman, texting is the best way to go.  Lots of other ones are also interesting and funny.  I like to use this list on church visits to demonstrate that ministering to college students requires practically cross-cultural communication.  In other words, we need to speak a language they understand.  Usually I just make the people in the church feel old.

Anyway, check out the list.

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