On Campus at Penn State Berks

Since one of the primary points of this blog is to inform my friends and supporters about what is happening on campus with the ministry of Christian Student Fellowship, I am going to (try) to post a snapshot once a week from campus.  Consider it a window into the world of PSU Berks campus ministry.

Today is the first day of school, my sixth first day of school as a campus pastor!  At the ripe old age of thirty, I have at least a decade on most of the students here on campus.  Considering the majority of students here are freshman and sophomores, as most juniors head up to University Park, I feel all the older.  I do wonder what people think when they see me.  Do they think I am staff or faculty?  An older student back to finish college?  Do I pass for a twenty-two year old?  Maybe all of the above at some point.  As I was walking through Luerssen, one of the classroom buildings, a scared-looking skinny freshman asked me for help locating a room.  It was fun directing him in the right direction and satisfying to know however older than the typical PSU Berks student I am, I do not look scary enough to not be approachable, at least when one is lost.

Now I am back to the old routine: sitting in the Cyber Cafe, working on various projects and chatting with students when they come visit me.  My prayer is for opportunities, many opportunities, to talk with and listen to students this year.

Tomorrow CSF will be handing out nearly 300 care packages to students in the dorms.  These packages have been donated by local churches and friends.  The goal is to show the students that people on campus and in the community care for them.  Along with that, we hope this no-strings-attached gift demonstrates to them what the grace of God in Jesus Christ is like.  Finally, we hope to recruit new members to CSF.

Thursday we will be having a cookout with the same goals: meet new people, invite people to CSF and so on.  The beginning of the year in campus ministry is filled with recruiting new people.  My prayer is that as we recruit new people to CSF we do not forget the bigger mission of introducing people to forgiveness and love in Jesus Christ.

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