On Campus at Penn State Berks

CSF got off to a quick start last week!  Our care package handout on Tuesday went great.  Students handed out 301 free bags of gifts to their peers.  It is always really funny to see a student’s reaction when asked if he wants a free gift.  You can tell by their face they are wondering “what’s the catch.”  They wonder this even before they learn it is a Christian group handing the stuff out.  When we explained the bags were put together by local churches as a gift to the students with no strings attached, they usually exhaled in relief, smiled, took a bag and said thank you.  Handing out free bags of gifts does not seem like much.  Nobody converted on the spot, we did not have a mass baptism afterwards.  But over 300 students were given grace (after all, isn’t grace itself a free gift) and they learned that a community of Christians exists on campus and cares for themIf we really believe that God is sovereign and that God’s Holy Spirit is still active today, then we must believe that the seeds planted that night may produce fruit, even if we do not see that fruit in this lifetime.

At our cookout on Thursday we may have already seen some fruit though, as a few students attended who had learned about the cookout by the insert we placed inside the care package.  During the cookout new and old students mingled, chatted, ate together and had a good time.  I was told of a few students who came who are a bit wary of organized religion and who had had less than positive experiences with Christianity growing up.  My prayer is that the relationships that began at the cookout will grow and that the students in CSF will invest their lives in those who are seeking.

This week we will get rolling with our “normal” weekly meetings, but only after another informal activity on Tuesday aimed at continuing to build friendships within CSF as well as meeting new people.  I will also begin meeting one-on-one with students for discipleship, which is always a blast.  On Thursday we will have our first worship and teaching night, outside at the pavilion by the dorms.

Thank you for your prayers.

Also, Penn State begins their football season with Youngstown St. on Saturday!  The big question is who will be at QB: Kevin Newsome, Matt McGloin or Robert Bolden?  I am a bit nervous of an Appalachian St over Michigan, David over Goliath type upset as PSU tries to get their QB situation in order.  But seriously, the rest of the team is solid so I’ll go with Penn State 41, Youngstown St. 7.

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