On Campus at Penn State Berks

CSF is a student club at Penn State Berks which means we submit to the governing authority of the Student Government Association (SGA).  Each year SGA is run by a different group of students but for the most part the rules remain the same.  Specifically, for CSF to remain a club we must have a representative at each SGA meeting.  If we miss three then our funding is frozen and who knows, we may lose our status as a club!  This would be bad for many reasons, one being that CSF relies on SGA funding for our spring break service trip and without that we would be in trouble!  I ask you then to pray for the CSF rep this year and to pray that CSF would continue to have a good relationship with SGA.  These students work hard to enhance student life, so keep them in your prayers.

This coming weekend CSF will be heading to University Park for the football game where we will be working the concession stand with CSF UP.  It is always a fun time.  As a sidenote, this fulfills our SGA fundraising requirement for the semester!  Pray that we have safe travels, that students who have never been up there before find their way around, and that we have fun.  Also, I enjoy this trip as it is a chance to see old CSF Berks students who are studying at UP.

Have a great week.

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