On Campus at Penn State Berks

This past weekend we had our annual CSF retreat.  The retreat brings together students from CSF chapters across the state.  This retreat was especially exciting for me as it was held at Pine Springs Camp where I spent two summers in college as a counselor.  It was a blessing to walk the grounds and remember all the good times.

The guest speaker was Fledge Flamingo, the founder of Son Safaris.  Fledge grew up in South Africa and spent time working as a ranger on safaris in Botswana.  He came to Christ later in life and uses his extensive knowledge of God’s creation, this weekend the eternal war between lions and hyenas was the theme, to illustrate scriptural truths.  I think all the students enjoyed and were challenged by his message.

On Saturday afternoon I put my skills to the test on the football field. My skills were found wanting…though when I played a few plays at QB I felt like Brett Favre coming out of retirement. I am tempted to complain, but CSF’s director of development, who has at least a few years on my (I’ll let him tell you how many) also played and kind of dominated at tight end! But in the end, the team with two of six players over age 30 lost to the team of all college students. For the record, the team of all students had to try really hard to beat a team with two old guys.

The weekend was also memorable due to Skippy’s presence. Emily and I took out tent and camped out. It was very cold so our many blankets and Skippy’s warm presence kept us warm. Skip also behaved rather well, though if you want to read his take on the weekend, you can read his blog.

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