On Campus at PSU Berks


On Monday I will be the guest on Get Some, a television show on campus (it is only shown on the campus television station so no, you cannot watch it).  Get Some is hosted by the campus nurse practitioner and discusses health issues with an emphasis on human sexuality.  The theme for the Monday show is sexuality and spirituality, two subjects every student is interested in!  Or perhaps simply, ask a pastor any questions about God and sex you ever had.

This is a tremendous opportunity to have a dialogue with a group of students who I normally would not get to interact with.  Plus, this is not a CSF event, it is a PSU Berks campus wide event.  Being the guest for such an event humbles me.  I am honored there is enough trust built between me and the campus community, remembering I have no official standing at PSU Berks, that I would be considered for this event.

I am nervous and excited.  This whole thing is made easier as I was given the questions submitted by students ahead of time.  I have spent the last few days thinking about how to answer and this will be the focus of my work today and Monday.  The questions are listed below.  How would you answer them before an audience of (mostly) secular college students?

  • How does religion affect the sex life of one individual?
  • Should people have sex before they are married?
  • Why is it so important for couples to wait until they’re married in order to have sex?
  • Why is no sex before marriage allowed?
  • Should people have sex before they are married?
  • What does no sex before marriage have to do with religion?
  • Why do religious people swear on abstinence?
  • Why do some religions take abstinence of sex so seriously?
  • What do people believe is the consequence of having pre-martial sex in religions that are against it
  • Is someone viewed as less religious if they have sex before marriage?
  • Does a person feel degraded if their religious morals says “no sex till marriage” but they had pre-marital?
  • Do you think it is sinful to have sexual relations before marriage even after you become a real religious person?
  • If a Christian had sex before marriage should he or she not be considered a Christian anymore?
  • Are there any religions where pre marital sex is acceptable?
  • Are there any religions that worship sex?
  • How does a person find satisfaction sexually if their spirituality does not allow that?
  • Why is girls’ virginity so much more important than guys?
  • Why do you think that someone may have a negative belief on the way “religion” and “sex” fits together?
  • Why is sex looked at as a taboo by those who follow a religion?
  • Is it any specific religion that has strict sexual views? What makes it so strict?
  • Why does religion always seem to demonize sexuality?
  • Should priest in the Catholic Church be able to get married?
  • Why do nuns and monks do not have sex?
  • How does virginity relate to different spiritualities?
  • Can two people comfortably date without having similar beliefs in God? How do they work around this?
  • How should I reveal to my significant other that I don’t believe in God?
  • Am I responsible for wet dreams in religion since dreams can’t be controlled?
  • Are gay and lesbians really considered an abomination?
  • Does religion really influence negativity towards homosexuality?
  • Why doesn’t church incorporate more discussion about sexual intercourse during mass?
  • Does religion really interfere with your sex life?
  • Does spirituality really affect sex life as much as we think?
  • Can your spirituality affect your libido?
  • How does spirituality affect the subject of sex and religion?
  • How do you cope with temptation in order to uphold your spirituality
  • How can Christians be a light among their peers, especially in a sex- saturated setting?
  • Can a couple be happy without sex?
  • Is polygamy frowned upon by every religion?
  • Should intercourse be considered a form of spiritual enlightenment?


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