On Campus at PSU Berks

Today the Gideons are making their bi-annual visit to campus to hand out Bibles to students.  I am sure most are familiar with the Gideons because of the Bibles found in many hotel rooms.  They do something so seemingly simple, handing out Bibles, but such acts can change people’s lives.

Two years ago one student, Josh, received a Bible from one of the Gideons.  He has often said to me that this was one of the huge turning points in his coming to Christ.  It was not the only thing, but it was a major thing.  At the end of the school year Josh had given his life to Christ, he has grown in his faith since then and this year he is serving as president of CSF.

So whenever the Gideons call to set up their Bible handout, I smile.  I smile because I know that lives can be changed today.

On Saturday, CSF students will be going into the community to ring bells for the Salvation Army’s Annual Christmas campaign.   One goal of mine is for CSF students to get into the community in tangible ways to serve and love others.  The students who are sacrificing their time on Saturday, important time since they are at a very busy point in the semester, make me proud.  These students will be joining many others to help change peoples’ lives this holiday season.

Finally, on Tuesday the students will be putting together shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Every year it is inspiring to see poor college students give of their money and time to show the love of Christ to others in a practical way.

I often say campus ministry is about students demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ on campus, in the surrounding community and to the ends of the earth.  Partnering with these three organizations in the next week illustrates how this happens.


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