Three Week Blitz

I am glad that when I was a student at Penn State there was no week-long Thanksgiving break.  If I recall, we either went to school Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, or perhaps even the morning on Wednesday.  We also had a fall break in early October.  Now students go for 13 straight weeks from August to Thanksgiving with only Labor Day as any sort of break.  Then they get a whole week off for Thanksgiving, which if you include weekends is nine days!

It is like running a marathon, stopping around mile 23 for a nap, and then jumping up and sprinting to the finish line.

For CSF, this sprint includes:

*Ringing bells for the Salvation Army on Saturday

*A fundraiser at Chick-Fil-A on Monday evening (Dec. 6)

*The CSFers are going to be performing this skit on Tuesday December 7 (Berks Idol) and Thursday December 9 (Step Team Dance Holiday Show).   This in itself is quite exciting as the skit is rather explicit in presenting the Gospel and the students will be performing it at two of the biggest events that happen on campus.

*Christmas Caroling and Christmas Party on Friday, December 10.

These next couple weeks look to be exciting.  Your prayers are appreciated!

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