Greatest Story Ever Told…on campus

Berks Idol is a yearly event on campus, sponsored by PSU Berks THON, that allows students to share their talents.  There were sixteen performances that included interpretive dance, a barbershop quartet, soloists, and more.   A group of CSF students performed a skit they called “The Greatest Story ever Told” which you can see here (or just Google “Lifehouse everything skit”).  They had spent months practicing and preparing.  During the performances before CSF went on, the crowd was fired up, often shouting encouragements to the people on stage.

Then CSF went on. The skit, which tells the story of Creation, Fall and Redemption, was met with silence. At the climax, when the Jesus character saves his creation by putting himself between her and their attack, the front of the crowd jumped up and everyone began cheering. It was the first standing ovation of the night.  One of the judges actually asked if any of the students were theater majors, she was so impressed!

At the end of the night the judges announced the winners and first place went to CSF! I know the students were not doing it to win a prize, I don’t think they even knew there was a prize till last week. They were doing it to honor their Savior and to tell the story to their peers. Yet it is an honor to be recognized in such a way (not to mention, the $100 gift card to Chilis!)

As I reflect on this skit and the crowd’s reaction it makes me realize that the Christian story truly is the greatest story ever told. I have no idea how many people in the crowd attend church, call themselves Christians, pray or anything like that. I am sure many of them have been part of churches growing up and rarely attend while at college. But the story is so compelling, so beautiful, that a group of secular college students can’t help but get up and cheer when the Creator saves his creation in an act of self-sacrifice.

The students are performing the skit again tomorrow for the Step Team/Dance Team show. Pray it again goes well. More than that, pray that the students in CSF get many opportunities to talk with people and that this skit would open doors to share the gospel.

One thought on “Greatest Story Ever Told…on campus

  1. This took a lot of guts to get up and rock that show I bet. You could probably hear crickets out there. I’m sure there were three girls singing Katy Perry songs like “Firework” right before your group went on. Even more amazing to hear they won.

    Anyway, quick question for you. Would you be willing to preach at Crossroads on August 14th? It would be the yearly chance to tell us all what’s going on at your mission. If that date doesn’t work let me know.


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