Recent Reads

My friend Zach has started a fun website, check it out and contribute to the discussion: Life in Tandem.

Too often pastors make the news for scandal, so it is refreshing to read the story of Francis Chan.  Ironically, part of the reason he left the church was because he becoming a Christian celebrity, but in leaving his celebrity status may grow.  I have not read any of his books, but I listened to a few of his sermons a while back.

Here is another challenging story: a man who joined the military right out of high school and ended up becoming a conscientious objector.  I have no comment on it, other than it is inspiring and makes me wonder how open I am to Jesus’ leading when it goes against all I have been taught.

The Internet Monk continues to be one of my favorite blogs with thoughtful, pull-no-punches analysis like this: “Works-Righteousness by any Other Name Still Stinks

Ross Douthat is becoming one of my favorite columnists with pieces like this one: The Unborn Paradox.

Finally, now that we are officially in a new decade, we can look back at the 2000s (aughts!).  Andy Crouch lists the Ten Most Significant Cultural Trends of the Last Decade.

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