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It seems the Amazon Kindle put Barnes & Noble and Borders on the ropes…and only Barnes & Noble has recovered.  This would be sad, as I really like Borders.  It seems they might end up just joining forces.

This is just plain cool: the Internet in 2010!  There are 152 million  blogs, holy cow!  I would post more of the stats, but just go to the site.  It is mind-boggling!

Many have read Donald Miller’s books, especially Blue Like Jazz.  His blog is often good, such as this post: “Are Evangelicals Getting Dumber?

I might be a “millennial” (depends where the line is drawn) and I work with them, so I am reading this analysis.

The tragedy in Tuscon remains in the news.  One of the  more frustrating aspects of this is how so many have sought to use it for their own political gain, by blaming other politicians and pundits.  Ross Douthat comments on that, as does George WillGlenn Greenwald goes a slightly different direction, writing on the reflexive call for fewer civil liberties that seems to always come after such tragedies.  Of course, a debate about gun control has now begun.  I am all for people owning guns for hunting, even to protect their family if they so choose, but the gun used in Tuscon was beyond either of those.  It was an assault weapon that could fire 33 rounds before being reloaded and its one purpose was to kill people; it should be bannedSome gun advocates agree with me.

Sticking with political things, in spite of my better judgment, here is a story to read: a US teenager tortured in Kuwait and barred entry back into his home country, the US.  How about we just get rid of the death penalty: it does not keep us safer, it is more expensive then life in prison, and it is horribly imperfect (even executing one innocent person should make us question whether to have it)?  Finally, is there any doubt that if the first Latina governor of a state was a Democrat, we would hear more about her?  I am not a Democrat or a Republican (yeah independent!).  But it seems that when Democrats break barriers it makes news.  Does a minority Republican not fit the media’s stereotype?  Yes, a governor is not a president or supreme court justice.  But if she was a democrat, it would have been huge news.

I don’t want to read too much into this without more research, but most British evangelicals say Jesus is the only way to God.  My guess is that in a much more secular country, the minority of Christians tend to stick more with historic Christian beliefs.  Britain probably has less people who are “cultural Christians”; such people don’t bother showing up on Sundays.

Finally, yesterday we honored Martin Luther King Jr.  A US defense official said that while MLK opposed Vietnam, he would love the wars we are fighting today!  Actually, probably not.  For a response, check out Jesus Radicals.

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  1. My thought on Dumber Evangelicals (I read the article) is that we are faced with lots of smart people who are Biblically illiterate in America. When you are speaking to that part of your audience who is newest & least informed (which you would at an outreach service), what else can you do but try to be simple and clear?

    I have also found, however, that most folks will tolerate a topic or practice (like communion) that is over their heads/outside their experience, if others seem to get it. They understand the process of learning and growth and are willing to be patient if their occasional questions are met with serious answers.

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