Fountain Lady

Sometimes I feel like Berks county is the center of the universe (okay not really).  But we have Jon and Kate, now we have the Fountain Lady!  The video of this woman falling into a fountain at the Berkshire Mall while texting has become a hit on youtube.  Apparently she is so embarrassed that this video has been seen by millions…that she is going on CNN, ABC news and anyone else who will take her to whine about it.  No one looking at the video can see her face…the only reason anyone knows her identity is that she is making a huge issue out of it!

Her lawyer says they want to hold the right people responsible.  The only person responsible is sitting right next to him!  I wonder how long it took the $$$ to flash before her eyes.  She claims mall security did not come help her, but she got up right away and walked away.  So every time someone falls over in the mall security needs to come running?

If she sues the mall it begs the question: if she was texting and knocked down an old person or a young child, could they sue her?

Give me a break.


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