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THON!  I danced in THON in 2002 and it was awesome.  Adam, a PSU alum, can tell you what THON is.  I wish I had written that!  My prayers are with all the dancers this weekend!  WE ARE…

Newsweek had a recent article on the Bible and sex.  Get Religion demonstrates what a mess this article is, both from a basic bad interpretation standpoint as well as from a poor journalism standpoint.  Here’s a sample: “The piece (which attempts to expose contradictions in the Bible) also has too many contradictions and curiosities that are left unexplained. Is the Bible wrong or is it just the interpretations that are wrong? And if the Bible is an ancient, patriarchal, awful text, why are we arguing that it embraces gay sex, premarital sex, etc? And why are we saying that’s a good thing if, again, the Bible is this awful, patriarchal mess of incohesion?

Speaking of questions Christians need to ask, what happens if (when?) computers become human?  Science fiction or only three and a half decades away?  I have heard of Ray Kurzweil before and should probably read one of his books.  Check out this article from Time on the Singularity: “Here’s what the exponential curves told him. We will successfully reverse-engineer the human brain by the mid-2020s. By the end of that decade, computers will be capable of human-level intelligence. Kurzweil puts the date of the Singularity — never say he’s not conservative — at 2045. In that year, he estimates, given the vast increases in computing power and the vast reductions in the cost of same, the quantity of artificial intelligence created will be about a billion times the sum of all the human intelligence that exists today.”

Do babies that die automatically go to heaven?  Most Christians would either say yes (of course, they have not committed sin yet) or maybe (if they are elect for Calvinists, if they have been baptized for Catholics).  Greg Boyd points the question in another direction.

I work with college students and this is not breaking news: email use plummets among teens.

I enjoy football, but this article asks good questions.  Are Christians mature enough to question the uncritical acceptance of the greatest American sport (sorry baseball, its true)?

A special treat for my fellow fans of The Simpsons.

Hilarious: Nation Somehow shocked by Human Nature.

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