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My Kindle is getting a workout as Junia sleeps a lot, like many newborns.  I enjoy holding her in one arm, and reading the Kindle in my other.  There are loads of free books available on the Kindle, old books that are now public domain.  The Kindle is perfect to hold in one hand, while a real book may be more difficult.  Perhaps this is an advertisement for a Kindle!

Comparing Generations – a helpful chart for campus ministry.

Speaking of campus ministry, is higher education the next bubble to burst?  College is still necessary for most high earning, professional jobs, so the author of the article is skeptical that it is a bubble that will burst.  Possibly related, a recent study shows that 85% of recent college grads move back in with their parents.  Many of these students cannot find jobs in the current job market.  This post is related, though I want to look up the study he cited.

I am not sure if this is related either, but here is a good article on the high cost of low teacher salaries.  We pay teachers less, put less value on education, and students learn less.  Students graduate high school with fewer skills then graduates had a generation ago.  Thus, college becomes necessary.  I wonder, if students learned more in high school, would college be as necessary.  Further, to get the best jobs, education beyond college is now needed (as the first article, on the bubble, says).  I still wonder, is this also necessary or does it just show that students are learning less and less in college?

Related to college education, here is a great article on the reaction of millennials to Bin Laden’s death.

A new study shows religious belief comes naturally to humans.  If God is real and wants to be known, this makes sense (thanks Alvin Plantinga).

Books about heaven and hell fill the best seller list.  Randy Alcorn analyzes this with grace:

While I am not the judge of who has really been to Heaven or Hell, I emphatically believe every near-death (or supposed “after-death”) experience must be evaluated in light of God’s Word. Where the experience contradicts the revealed Word of God, the Word must be accepted over the experience. For the Christian, there simply is no other option. We dare not start basing our beliefs on people’s memories of their personal experiences.

I suspect the phenomenal success of Heaven is for Real will tempt people to use their imaginations in telling stories about visiting Heaven. Some will be deceptive, others will exaggerate, still others may take images from a drug-induced state on a hospital bed and by power of suggestion may convince themselves that various images in their heads were actual experiences of Heaven. The financial success of 90 Minutes in Heaven and Heaven is for Real will inevitably invite others to come forward who are willing to either deliberately mislead others or convince themselves of something that was not a true experience of  Heaven…

Acts 17:11 tells us that the Bereans searched the Scriptures daily “to see if what Paul said was true.” Now, if ever in human history you were going to assume that another person’s words were true, not finding it necessary to double-check against the Scriptures, surely it would be with the Apostle Paul. Yet the Bereans were commended for carefully scrutinizing Paul’s words in light of Scripture. If Paul’s words needed to fall under the judgment of God’s Word, obviously mine do, and Don Piper’s do, and Todd and Colton Burpo’s do.

I do believe that something is seriously wrong if people take more time to contemplate and discuss Colton Burpo’s account of petting Jesus’ rainbow-colored horse, or of Jesus wearing a crown with a pink diamond, than they do studying what the Bible actually says about Heaven. The back cover of the book says “Heaven Is for Real will forever change the way you think of eternity.” I would say, “Seek to let the Bible alone change the way you think of eternity.”

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