Recent Reads

Campus Crusade for Christ is changing their name to Cru.  Imagine if the original crusaders had thought of that kind of thing!

Should the US legalize polygamy?

Christianity Today interviews the founder of Wired magazine, pretty cool.

Beware the rules Christians advocate for that take away the rights of other religions to worship, for these same rules may then be turned against Christians one day.  Great article by Ed Stetzer.

In seminary you learn about how to interpret the Bible.  What is interesting is that the method favored by most today (historical-grammatical) is clearly not how the New Testament authors always interpreted the Old Testament.  Thus, this article by a professor, realizing that St. Paul would have failed his class.

Six things that divide Christians.   I think the author hits it right on the head, these are things that divide.

Finally, this is hilarious: Netflix Relief Fund Promises Aid to White People who Love Gap Khakis.

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