On Campus at Penn State Berks – God Questions?

This semester at CSF our theme for Thursday nights is going to be “God Questions?”  Rather than me just thinking of the questions I have been trying to get questions from students on campus.  When we handed out the care packages we gave students the opportunity to write questions down on a poster.  The same poster made an appearance at Club Rush, when all the campus clubs have a chance to recruit.  After those two events we had about two questions.

Sometimes ideas work, sometimes they do not.

The next plan was to create a survey for students to hand to the kids in their dorms, or students with them in class.  This survey contains various questions about different things CSF does, so it is also an effort for CSF to learn how to serve the campus better.

(I should mention, we also have a form on our website to submit questions: http://www.csfberks.org/weekly-meetings/thursday-night-gathering.html)

Last night I asked the students who attend CSF Tuesday activities (we do different things each week – social nights, service projects) to fill out the survey.  I am happy to now have a series of questions from college students on all sorts of issues.  Like I said, these questions will provide the week-to-week topics for our Thursday night gatherings.

So listed below is a series of the sorts of questions a group of Christian college students on a secular campus are asking.  There is one big theme which is rather obvious:

Does God heal all wounds that affect us both emotionally as mentally? If so, how long does this usually take to happen?

How do you become a better Christian? I pray and read the Bible but still don’t feel close to God. CSF helps but what can I do outside of CSF?

Are our lives determined by fate or choice.

Is Jesus really white?

If the Bible says being gay is wrong, why did God make people gay?

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?

Does God send gay people to hell?

Is masturbating a sin (without use of sexual contact)?

Is it possible for God to make a mistake?

Are the events in Revelation literal and will happen exactly like that or is it symbolic and metaphorical?

I know Christians are against gays but what if you don’t like either girls or guys?

What is Catholicism all about?

What do Mormons believe about Jesus?

Can we look at homosexuality – our attitude toward it and how to minister to gay people effectively?

Slavery – why does the Bible seem to be okay with it? Is it just indentured servitude? How would we answer a non-Christian who thinks God approves of slavery based on what is written in the Bible?

How do we know for sure if our religion is right and others aren’t?

If you are trying to get someone from another religion to go to your church and they ask you to go to their church what do you say?  

Why was it Mary that was chosen to birth Jesus?

It seems that questions about homosexuality are the most prevalent.  Again, this is a small sample, but I imagine that if you were to poll Christian students on secular campuses across the nation you would find the same thing.

I was somewhat surprised there were no questions about creation, evolution, faith and science and so on.  In my talks with students it seems that this is less of an issue here.  I could make guesses why, but I won’t today.

I look forward to getting more surveys from students on campus.  And I am very excited to begin preparing teachings on these subjects.  Though I have to admit, some of these topics make me extremely nervous…

2 thoughts on “On Campus at Penn State Berks – God Questions?

  1. If God really doesn’t give you anything that you can’t handle then why do people have mental breakdowns or commit suicide? And if God is supposed to “carry you through” hard times, why do I feel the most alone during those exact times?

    Why does God talk to some people and not others? God talked to Moses via a burning bush. Why does He not talk to me like that? How am I supposed to believe in a God that seems so absent and far away?

    1. Thanks for the good questions, I will add them to the list.

      When I make an attempt at such questions, I will shoot you an email. Of course, neither CSF as a whole or I as an individual claim to have all the answers. I’ll try our best to provide a decent answer, but I make no arrogant claim that I (or really anyone) can provide a 100% logical an rational answer that can take away all doubt. That said, stay tuned…

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