Community Supported Agriculture Rocks

I love to cook.  

When I was in high school a representative from culinary school visited our home economics class.  I gave my name as someone who was interested in pursuing that path.  It was not until after I graduated from college that they finally stopped sending me things in the mail.  I like to joke that I still occasionally get postcards from the culinary school.

I did not cook much in college and seminary, mostly because it is no fun cooking for just yourself.  But I have cooked quite a lot since marrying Emily.  Emily has encouraged this hobby by getting all kinds of cool toys like a deep fryer, panini maker and rice cooker!

A couple months ago we heard about Community Supported Agriculture (CAS) and decided to give it a try.  Every other week we get a box of vegetables from Crawford Organics, a farm in East Earl, PA (which is where the mecca of buffets is, Shady Maple).  The cool thing is that we do not pick the vegetables, so we are forced to try new things.

Beets – I knew two things about beets: my family used to eat red beet eggs when I was a kid, and Dwight on the Office owns a beet farm.  When we got beets in our first box I was apprehensive.  But I found a great recipe for a beet salad with pears and gorgonzola cheese.  It was delicious.

Kale – Kale looks just like lettuce, to me.  I found a soup recipe that apparently is a knock-off of a soup The Olive Garden sells.  As far as I can tell, I made it correctly.  It was okay, but not amazing.  We just got kale again today and I am searching for new recipes, having already found some possibilities.

Rhubarb – Apparently the leaves of rhubarb are poisonous!  But rhubarb, or just red celery, is quite tasty.  Emily made rhubarb bars with the rhubarb (yes, Emily cooks too).  They were yummy!  And there is an entire website dedicated to rhubarb, how cool is that?

Eggplant – I had experimented with Eggplant over the summer, making ratatouille.  It was okay, but I think I found some recipes that look better.  When we got an eggplant in our CSA the farm had included a recipe for Easy Eggplant Mousaka, which was quite similar to Eggplant Parmesan.  Delicious!

Radishes – Today we got radishes.  Not sure what we’re going to do with them.  Emily might end up making a salad before I get home.

Besides eating whatever we are given and being forced to try new things, I have enjoyed knowing exactly where my food (well, some of it) is coming from.  If you enjoy cooking, and eating, check out CSAs!

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