On Campus At PSU Berks – Picking Up Trash for Jesus (Again)

CSF tries to find ways to practically serve the campus on a regular basis.  Finding things to do is not as easy as one might think.  I think there are a few reasons for this:

1. Campus runs like a well-oiled machine – it is not like there are huge fields of uncut grass or piles of garbage laying on the sidewalk.  They employ people to care for campus.

2. Many needs students have are individual needs which will be met by other individuals.  In this it is important for the Christian students to be there with their friends for support.  This is one reason it is vitally important our CSF activities, such as Bible study, do not become a high-walled safe-haven for the Christians to retreat to.  They need to be out there among their peers, representing Christ.  That said, this will happen on a more individual level then on a large-group level.

3. When it comes to figuring out ways for CSF, as a group, to serve campus…maybe we are just not that creative!  So ideas are welcomed…

This past Tuesday we decided to perform a service we had done in the fall: pick up trash for Jesus.  In September we decided to walk up and down the hallways in the dorms, knocking on doors and asking if the residents would like us to take out their trash.  When asked why we were doing this, we simply said it was an act of love and kindness because that is the kind of thing we Christians do.

We did not get through all the dorms so I am sure we will be doing this again.  It is a fantastic way to meet people who may never even consider coming to a Bible study.

It is also a way to awkwardly meet the guy who answers the door in just a towel!

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