I Used to Watch Sports – A Confession

The Super Bowl is coming up in one week.  One of my earliest sports memories is Joe Montana throwing the winning touchdown to John Taylor to lead the 49ers to victory over the Bengals.  I fondly remember many other Super Bowls.  Last year I enjoyed watching the Packers defeat the Steelers, as anytime the Steelers lose it is a good day.

That is my confession.
As this Super Bowl approaches I realized something: it will be the first complete sporting event I have watched on television since the last Super Bowl.

That is my confession.

I used to watch sports all the time.  Penn State football, Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies and Flyers were the main games in town.  As life got busier my time watching sports shrunk, but I still caught many Eagles and Penn State games each year.

Then a couple years ago Emily and I decided to save money by not having cable television.  We do not watch much TV and everything we watch we could get online for free (The Office, 30 Rock, The Simpsons).  Why pay for something we do not need?  The only thing sacrificed would be sports, but I could always catch the Penn State game at a friend’s house.  Which I did, and still do, occasionally.

The thing is, I don’t really miss it.  Sure, I feel kind of out of the loop when I go on Facebook and see status after status about the last game (recently most of which revolve around Tebow).  That is easily remedied though: a few minutes on ESPN.com as well as tuning in regularly to ESPN radio gives me enough information to intelligently take part in most sporting conversations.  It also gives me enough knowledge to do well in Fantasy Football (playoffs in both my leagues, second place in one!).

But in such conversations I admit, I’m a fake.  I don’t watch the games.

So in a week I’ll gather with friends to watch the Super Bowl.  I am hoping to see the Patriots get a win for as a Philly fan I still have a irrational hatred of all New York teams (and those Steelers).

Then in 2012 I’ll listen to the Phillies on the radio when I’m in my car and I’ll pull for them to get another title.  But as for watching an entire game, I imagine the next one will be the 2013 Super Bowl.

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