For the Kids – Penn State Dance Marathon!

Abbey - our moraler - me

Ten years ago this weekend I danced in the Penn State dance marathon with Abbey (Sacrkrison) Caldwell.  THON is an event that Penn State students have been doing for decades to raise money to fight childhood cancer.  The fundraising each year culminates in the actual dance marathon when, for one entire weekend, forty-eight hours, the dancers stay up – no sleeping and no sitting.

THON is the best thing Penn State students do.  You could argue it is the best thing any group of college students anywhere do since it is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.  Ten years later, I am still proud to have been a part of it.  Especially this year, in light of the Sandusky case, THON can do a lot to repair Penn State’s image nationwide.

To learn more about THON, check out this article: THON is about more than the numbers.

THON is the kind of thing Christians on campus ought to be involved in.  I believe that Christians are called to do good in the world in the name of Jesus Christ.  THON, with the goal to find a cure for cancer, is a good thing.  Like any good thing, perhaps some do it for wrong motives.  I doubt many do it in the name of Jesus Christ.  This does not mean Christians should stop taking part.  If we stopped taking part in everything that some did with wrong motives, we would do nothing.

I hope kids suffering with cancer are encouraged this weekend.

I hope lots of money is raised and progress towards a cure for cancer continues.

I hope THON this weekend takes steps in repairing the image of Penn State.

I hope Christians continue to be involved in THON and anywhere else that good is done.

Hope is a good word.  

For the kids!

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