Baking Cookies with Junia

52 Thursdays ago I planned to bake cookies for the students graduating or transferring.  It is something I do every year to honor the members of Christian Student Fellowship who are moving on from Penn State Berks.

I like to joke that it would not be appropriate to give them a literal “Hershey” kiss so I give them “Hershey kiss” cookies.  Yes, I am that witty.

But the students who moved on at the end of last year did not get cookies.  Because 52 Thursdays ago Emily woke up and after a trip to the bathroom declared that it was time to go to the hospital.

The baby was coming!  

It would take her the rest of the day to arrive.  Looking back, it is hard to remember that as we progressed through that day we did not know she was a “her” yet.

At 8:04 PM she arrived – Junia Elizabeth.


Needless to say, I did not make it to CSF that night.  The students moved on to their new ventures without their Hershey kiss cookies.

Today, 52 weeks later, I spent the morning baking cookies.  But this time I had help…sort of.

Junia spent the morning crawling around the kitchen, climbing up my leg, standing anywhere she had something to hang on to and thinking about taking those first precarious steps into a new world of walking.

It has been an exciting 52 weeks.  

I think I better go taste-test those Hershey kiss cookies and then give Junia a real Hershey kiss!

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