The Best…and the Worst? Is there a connection?

Two articles in the local paper caught my eye today.

Newspaper Ranks Wyomissing Best High School in PA.

This is where I live so I am encouraged about my daughter’s future education.  Of course, by the time she gets there who knows how much things will have changed.  It is also interesting that the BEST school in PA is ranked 193 nationwide.

The other article tells a story about the next school district over: Reading School Could Cut Up To 364 Workers.

That is not good news.  I have friends who work in the Reading schools.  It is sad that 364 people will be losing their jobs.  Further, it is another sad story from the city of Reading.  Reading is a place in need of lots of love and prayer.

As I read these two stories, the first thing that popped into my mind was whether there is a connection?  Reading and Wyomissing are right next to each other.  How can one be so good and one struggle so much? (I hope no one takes offense to my use of “worst” in the title…I am not good at titles)

It might be tempting to say, and perhaps some do, that since we are in Wyomissing this is not our problem.  But it is not like this is the other side of the planet.

I would be interested in hearing from my teacher friends (here or on Facebook).  Is there a connection?  Will whatever problems Reading has spread?  Will any good solution include other districts besides Reading banding together?

One thought on “The Best…and the Worst? Is there a connection?

  1. Dave, I’m not a teacher, but I have had some indirect connections with the Reading School District and my thoughts are, like so many things, everything rises and falls with leadership. And the RSD is sorely lacking there. We have some great programs at Penn State Berks where we have partnered with the RSD, funded by some large companies and wealthy donors around here. But the funding has stopped because no one wants to throw money now at what they view as a sinking ship.

    You could add anotther recent Reading Eagle article to your post (from three days ago): which talks about the retiring Wyomissing School Superintendent, whom I’ve never met, but apparently is a superb leader. One can only hope that on the other side of the Schuylkill River they are able to get some capable and committed leadership to support some of those many wonderful, hard-working teachers, who like so many in urban schools, are doing great things with practically nothing. They need a good captain to right the ship.

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