A Week With the Unholy Trinity


Don’t let the title fool you, this post has nothing to do with God.  It has everything to do with dogs!

Emily and I have been dog-sitting for my sister and brother-in-law this week while they are on vacation.  Three dogs, two adult humans and one baby human in a place I like to call, in my best Charlton Heston voice, from Planet of the Apes, A MADHOUSE.

First, there is Skippy.  He is our white American eskimo (who used to blog, and will again someday, God-willing).  Skippy is very territorial.  He defends our house with a surprising fierceness, unexpected by some who only note his fluffy exterior.  If you meet him outside his domain he is the kindest, friendliest dog, even letting large men with piercings and tattoos pet him. But if you come into our house, watch out or you might be missing a foot (like Skippy, he only has three legs).

While he is not guarding Skippy is very simple – he likes to sit around, sleep and eat.  He is not a fan of playing.

This is a problem because Skippy’s cousin, Nelly, only wants to play.  All the time.  Constantly.  I think she has the dog equivalent of a hyperactive disorder.  She is always running around and barking and climbing up on tables and chairs and walking on your face at 1 AM when you are trying to sleep.  When Skippy is sitting contently on the floor, she’ll run over and bark at him and bat him with her paws, wanting to play.   For the most part, Skippy manages to ignore her, though the occasional guttural growl helps.

Daisy and Nelly

Junia, the aforementioned baby, loves Nelly.  Nelly and Junia have had a lot of fun playing together this week, though sometimes Nelly does not know when to stop…or maybe Junia is just not used to a tiny dog tongue shoved up her nose.

Finally, there is Daisy.  Daisy is Skippy’s nemesis.  Every time Skippy enters the house, Daisy takes a bite out of him.  Luckily Skippy is well-insulated with fur, so she only comes away with a mouth full of white hair.  But really, Daisy is a fake tough dog.  She’ll bite Skippy, but then run away.  She is the first one to hide under the bed or flee from you if she thinks there is any sort of danger.

Yet Daisy, unlike her sister, will sit calmly next to you, just enjoying your presence.

Skippy, Nelly and Daisy – the unholy trinity!



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