Dispatch from the Middle of Nowhere

That title is actually false – I am no longer in the middle of nowhere.  But Emily, Junia, Skippy and I were privileged to spend the first four days this week practically in the middle of nowhere.  My aunt and uncle graciously allowed us to use their cabin for a retreat away from the world.  We were there from Monday afternoon till yesterday afternoon.

Junia and Her New Friend

There was no cell phone reception or internet connection.  There was a television with Dish Network (but we don’t have television at home, so this was a fun bonus).

It was wonderful.

We took our time cooking meals.

We played with Junia.

We went for hikes at nearby state parks (and then picked ticks of Skip).

We read books (I read this and this and started this).

We played dominoes and stratego.

We went to bed early, slept in (7 AM!) and took naps.

It was wonderful.

Now back to the grind and business of life.  But I feel refreshed for the rest of the summer and looking ahead to another year on campus with Christian Student Fellowship.


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