An Evening Filled with Questions about God

Last evening on campus CSF had a “Spiritual Discussion Forum.”  It is a place where students can come and present questions about anything related to faith, religion, Christianity and Jesus.  We had about 15 students attend, all of whom would identify as Christians of one variety or another: Catholic, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, etc.

My hope would be that when we do this in the future we can work hard on advertising, partnering with other student groups on campus and in general getting the word out so it becomes a time for all sorts of people to sit in a circle to discuss, and even disagree, with respect and genuine love.

Reflecting on last night’s gathering, I think it provides a good window into the questions Christian students on a secular university campus tend to ask.

I have heard there are a few thousand “unreached people groups” with no knowledge of who Jesus is, what happens to them when they die?

How do I know when I have heard from God?  What can I do to hear from God?

Who created God?

I have heard that the Bible has been translated so many times that what we have now is different from what was written.  Plus, I have heard there are books left out.  Why read or trust the Bible if this is the case?

How can you know if you are loved and accepted by God?

What makes Christianity different or better then other religions?

What should Christians think about homosexuality? (A whole myriad of questions relating to this topic)

Overall, it was a fun night.  Sitting with a group of students, talking about these sorts of things, invigorates me.  I look forward to the next time we can do it.

What questions would you add to the list?  

What questions are you surprised are not on the list?

2 thoughts on “An Evening Filled with Questions about God

  1. Considering the groups was predominantly Christian, I’m surprised they didn’t ask something like, “How much of the Gospel to you have to believe to be saved?”

    It seems we are always finding ways to doubt our own salvation.


    1. Haha, true. I find now that I have a kid, the illustrations about God’s unconditional love usually relate to how I am a messed up parent but will love her no matter what she does in her life.

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