Unstoppable (Review…of a book by a guy with no arms and no legs whose story is amazing!)

Nick Vujicic begins his book Unstoppable by saying that even if you have not read his first book you may have seen his videos or attended one of his appearances worldwide as a motivational speaker.

Not me.

I had never heard of Nick before reading this book.  I do have a sort of vague memory of hearing people talk about some Christian speaker who has no legs or no arms.  But that was all it was, just a vague memory from a passing comment or Facebook post.  I had never heard this guy speak or write, I came to this book totally fresh.

It was a pleasant and uplifting introduction to Nick, his life and work.

Nick’s goal in the book is to share the unstoppable power (hence the title) of faith in action.  This sort of faith has helped Nick create a fantastic life, despite his disabilities.  Upon completing the book, I believe Nick achieved this task.  It is hard not to enjoy a book like this one.  Nick’s positive and optimistic attitude shine through on every page.  His story of being born without limbs and then living a life of achieving amazing things is truly inspiring.  As I was reading I often thought of how it will be much more difficult to complain about difficulties in my life once I have read this book.  I may begin to complain, then there is Nick in the back of my mind saying, “I have no arms and no legs, if I can succeed, you’ll be fine!”

Nick’s book is easy to read, filled with stories that encourage and inspire.  For that alone it will be enjoyed for any reader.  That said, there are a few things a reviewer could be critical of.  At times Nick’s theology seems a bit simplistic and shallow.  Many of the stories of other people facing difficulties end with them finding hope in life because they encountered Nick’s message.  A cynical person could see Nick as patting himself on the back a bit, and at times it did become predictable as Nick would tell a story that inevitably ended with his message saving the day.  But Nick manages to pass the praise to God.  His point is never, “look to me so you can make it through” but rather, “look to the one I look to, Jesus Christ, and you can make it through.”

I would recommend this book to anyone.  It offers hope and encouragement.  Nick also gives important and challenging words on issues like bullying.  Thus, it seems Nick’s message in this book, or in his videos online, would best be for teenagers, especially those struggling with life (which is probably all of them!).  But ultimately, any person could benefit from the positive, Christ-centered message of this book.

I received this book for free from the publisher, Waterbrook Multnomah for the purpose of reviewing as a part of the Blogging for Books program.

3 thoughts on “Unstoppable (Review…of a book by a guy with no arms and no legs whose story is amazing!)

  1. Thanks for the kind review. It is was obvious you were wanting to be as sensitive as possible–which certainly is a good thing. Not being familiar with Nick, let me encourage you to find “Butterfly Circus” on youtube (a short movie probably in two parts). I think you will enjoy it.

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