2012 Blog Year in Review

My most popular posts this year were:

1. For the Kids – the Penn State Dance Marathon

Apparently a lot of people doing internet searches for Penn State’s Dance Marathon stumbled onto my post.  Cool.

2. Pimps are Criminals who Beat Women….Which is Not Cool

This might be my favorite post of the year, so I am glad to see it got a lot of views.  Here’s an excerpt:

Let me say it again: pimps are criminals.  Pimps make thousands, millions, of dollars selling girls and women for sex.  And in case you want to say that the women chose that life, the average age of entry into prostitution is twelve years old so even many, if not most, women who are prostitutes over the age of 18 are victims of child abuse and rape.Next time you want to talk about making your car or house or lunch better, choose a word other than “pimp”.  Let’s eliminate any positive reference to “pimp” in our vocabulary.  Instead, may we focus on the fact that pimps are criminals who should be locked up.

3. Please Stop with the Gas Price Thing

This was me trying to be quasi-political.  I am sure I wrote far better stuff this year!

4. The Hobbit vs. Les Miserables

This was me looking forward to both movies.  When they finally hit theaters, I loved both of them.  Rarely do films live up to expectations, but these two did for me.

5. We are More than Football

This was my reaction to the penalties the NCAA laid down on Penn State back in July.

6. The Mind Matters (or, not everyone leaves Christianity because Christians are jerks)

This was the post with the most comments, including a number of comments from the book I referred to in the post.


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