Looking Ahead to 2013

Over the holidays I took an unintentional break from blogging.  I had been spending December blogging through Advent, until my own holidays got quite busy.  My last post on advent was December 19th.  Oh well, such is life.

With a new year here I have been thinking about why I blog and what I ought to blog about.  The reason I began a blog was because I work in campus ministry and blogging would be a good way to connect with my prayer and financial supporters.  Thus many of my posts had been updates from what is going on at campus.  Along with this I also wanted to blog on books I was reading, to share with people what I was learning (and also so my supporters know I am pursuing life-long learning and not just sitting on campus drinking coffee and playing Farmville).

Those purposes of the blog still remain.  I will still post stories from Penn State Berks as well as other reflections that I think are pertinent to campus ministry specifically and related topics such as higher education and the cultural milieu.

I will also keep posting book reviews.  Though I do hope to blog through one or two books, chapter by chapter to both help me understand them better and to share deeper thoughts with the reader (perhaps the first will be Alvin Plantinga’s Where the Conflict Really Lies).  I also hope to do more “Listening to the Saints” posts.  These began as I enjoy reading Christian classics and wanted to share some of the wisdom from these great men and women.  I have begun John Wesley’s journal and will post on that.

Beyond all that, two other topics have become passions of mine.  One is human trafficking and I will keep posting on this (and you can read previous posts here).  The other is parenting and dad-stuff.  I probably count as a stay-at-home dad as my wife works during the day (and I am on campus when she is done with work).  Being a parent gives you lots of stories and thoughts to write on, so we’ll see what that leads to as I write.

Thanks for reading.  When I got my year end report from WordPress, I was surprised to see how many views this blog got in 2012.  So thanks and I look forward to another fun year in 2013!

One thought on “Looking Ahead to 2013

  1. Dave, thanks again for the blog and the book reviews. It helps me be selective in some of my reading. I recommend your blog to others on a regular basis–hope they are following, too.

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