Before you complain about the Hobbit movie, listen to this podcast!

Okay, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hit theaters one month ago so it is a bit late to ask people to withhold complaining about it.  I thought it was a fantastic film but I did come across a good number of people who did not like it.  Some were thoughtful in their criticisms, others were irrational.

Many people go into movies like this one ready to decry even the smallest change from the book.  The book is practically sacred scriptures to some and if the filmmakers dare make changes to the story, they are the worst sort of heretics.  Such complaints forget the fact that books and movies are different medium and that to translate a book to a film requires choices to be made.  We who watch the film and love the books need to try to take the film for what it is.

If you hated the movie because of how it differed from the book, you need to start listening to The Tolkien Professor, Dr. Corey Olsen.  I’ve been listening to his podcasts for the last year and they are excellent.  Recently Dr. Olsen did a podcast titled “Adaptation and the Hobbit Movies.”  I think this podcast would be very informative for those critical of the Hobbit movie.  Warning: it is over two hours long so prepare to listen to it in bits and pieces.

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