The Singularity, Misquotations, Guns and Church (Recent Reads)

What happens when your iPhone is literally in your head?  The singularity is near.

Beware the three dots that often appear in quotes (…).  These three dots show that something in the original text was skipped over.  Usually this is simply a way to make a quote cleaner and briefer.  But it is also allows deception on the part of the writer.  Case in point is Richard Dawkins’ quoting of St. Augustine.

Everybody is talking about guns, gun violence, gun control and so on.  I’ve read a few things here and there that I find helpful.  It is pointed out that the Second Amendment was alive and well during WWII when the American government put thousands of Japanese immigrants into internment camps.  Also, Nick Kristof is one of my favorite writers and as usual, he makes some good points:

To reduce auto deaths, we’ve taken a public health approach that you might call “car control” — driver’s licenses, air bags, seat belts, auto registration. The result is a steady decline in vehicle fatalities so that some time soon gun deaths are likely to exceed traffic fatalities, for the first time in modern American history.

There are no magic solutions to the gun carnage in America. But in the same spirit as what we’ve accomplished to make driving safer, President Obama has crafted careful, modest measures that won’t solve America’s epidemic of gun violence but should reduce it.

If we could reduce gun deaths by one-quarter, that would be 7,500 lives saved a year. Unless life in America really is cheap, that’s worth it.

Whatever you think about guns, I find it disturbing to see so many followers of Jesus demand their rights.  When I read the gospels, Jesus does not seem too concerned with your rights, he actually asks his followers to lay aside their rights for a greater good.  But didn’t Jesus tell his disciples to go forth armed?  John Fugelsang puts this misinterpretation of Luke 22:36 to rest.

Finally, here are some encouraging words from a friend here on WordPress: Church Isn’t Easy.

5 thoughts on “The Singularity, Misquotations, Guns and Church (Recent Reads)

  1. I think a lot of people like to think they know what the fore-fathers of our country would say/do today. The only thing we have is what the constitution states. Lets all keep in mind when that was created, there were no ar-15’s around. I’d like to think they would have had amendments if they saw the nature of modern weaponry. We do not live in a simple world today so to make a simple, “It’s my right.” argument holds little weight. I have to prove I can handle my car properly before getting a license, don’t I? Why is it not the same for firearms? Why aren’t we required to undergo a standard psyche evaluation before purchasing these deadly weapons? Why aren’t the guns appropriately re-registered when they are resold? They are suppose to be, but where’s the follow-up? In the end,this will not solve or prevent gun fights, drive-bys, or school shootings, but it will bring the gun laws up to where they belong in a modern day society like ours. If you feel like you NEED an assault weapon, I ask what you do for a living?

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