I Stole from Target Yesterday…Woops!

Yesterday afternoon I put my hand into my jeans pocket and in my best Bilbo Baggins impression asked, what do I have in my pocket?

The answer: Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.

The problem: I had not paid for this when I left Target earlier!

The story:

Yesterday morning Junia and I were walking the aisles of Target in search of a variety of things.  With chapped lips causing quite a bit of pain, I needed lip balm.  I found it and was overwhelmed with the choices.  Did I want to rejuvenate or refresh my lips?  Should I nourish them?  How about replenish?  I wasn’t about to get crazy with the “ultra conditioning” kind.

At some point, Junia got hold of one of the lip balms and threw it on the floor.  In the process of picking that one up, I must have put the one in my hand into my pocket.  Next, in a moment of short-term memory loss (I did turn 33 yesterday, I suppose this will happen more frequently) I forget about it.  Junia and I walked to the check-out, bought our other items and went home.

Hours later I was in my living room with the dawning realization:

I am a criminal.  

Be assured, my integrity is intact.  Today Junia and I returned to Target and I paid for the lip balm.  That’s right, we walked around the store putting a couple other things in the cart that we needed and at some point I nonchalantly took the lip balm out of my pocket.  This time I paid for it, no memory loss!

My conscience is clean.

2 thoughts on “I Stole from Target Yesterday…Woops!

  1. Interesting. I think many people reading this would have probably done the same thing. I would also venture a guess that few of them would think twice about illegally downloading a song from the web.

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