CSF Spring Break in Washington DC

Spring Break - GroupI spent all of last week in Washington DC with 12 Penn State Berks students.  We worked with the Center for Student Missions (csm.org).  Throughout the week I missed my wife and daughter immensely.  As I missed my daughter I kept thinking one thing: I hope when she grows up she becomes a young woman similar to one of these young men and women.  Whatever their parents did, I want to know!


We were blessed with a fantastic group of students.  It made leading the trip quite easy for me.



 We were also blessed to discover CSM.  They are an amazing organization.  I had never worked with them, so I was not entirely sure what to expect.  They exceeded any expectations I had.


Spring Break - Guys

Each day the students had the opportunity to work in two different ministry sites.  The first morning we worked for a church, tearing out carpet in a school building they had purchased, helping with the renovation with the hopes that one day the building will be reading for students.  We spent another (very early) morning serving breakfast and lunch at SOME (So Others May Eat).  Other mornings we worked at the Capital Area Foodbank and at a place that provides entertainment and exercise for elderly people.


The afternoons were spent at three different after-school programs. Students did everything from helping with homework, reading with kids, playing basketball and other games and taking part in Bible studies.

Each evening CSM took us to family-owned ethnic restaurants to get a “taste” of the city.

Spring Break - Girls Overall, it was practically a perfect trip.  Since we got home on Saturday I have been reading the Facebook posts the students have put up about the trip.  For a taste, here are three:

Faith – “First mission trip in D.C went better than I had ever imagined: made new friends, enjoy new food, saw amazing structures but most importantly serve those in need for the glory of my Father. Definitely hope there’s more trip like this in my future. Thank you Lord for all that you did in D.C”

Brianna – ” have been to DC multiple times and this time was the best time I have ever had. All of us bonding together to move the kingdom of God this week was incredible. We touched all of those kids this week and I pray for them as they move on with their lives.”

Nate – “I feel like going back to DC! Thanks for a wonderful spring break guys, i will never forget it!”

The goal of CSF is to see lives changed.  I am confident that this past week, lives were changed.  The lives of the students on the trip were changed, as were those they were able to meet.

Finally, I want to give praise to my wing-man, Sergeant Mark Groff!  He drove around DC in our 15-passenger van like a pro and his dedication to the students, and his job, is inspiring.

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