Being Real and Holy Extinguished (Recent Reads)

As I read this article from Jeff Dunn at Internet Monk I wondered for a moment if it had come from a parallel universe and I had actually written it.  I resonated with every word.  This is me.  You can read the entire article, but here’s the punch-line:

Count me among the holy extinguished. I am no longer on fire for Jesus. I’m just me, take me or leave me. I love Jesus very imperfectly. I have good days and crappy days and a lot of days that are a swirl of the two. When God whispers I sometimes hear him and sometimes don’t. If being on fire would help me to see and hear and know God better, I would dump a can of Holy Ghost gasoline on my head and strike the match. I have found that doesn’t work. From now on you will have to deal with me as I am, the non-burning man. I hope that is not too great a disappointment.

A few weeks back I read an article that said something quite similar: Are Churches Any Better Than Nightclubs?  Enns quotes Peter Rollins and then writes, “it’s hard to be real in church because the whole system seems to work better if you’re not.Which is not good.”

Yes indeed.

One thought on “Being Real and Holy Extinguished (Recent Reads)

  1. “the whole system seems to work better if you’re not.” Now those are words to ponder. Thanks for the post, Dave!

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