Persecuted Christians and Other Things That Sadden Me (Recent Reads)

A Few Things I’ve Read Recently…

Pray for our Christians brothers and sisters in Iraq, and the Middle East: Irag’s Imperiled Christians.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about human trafficking and I volunteer with a local group that is working against it here in my hometown.  On that note, I truly appreciate what Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary, writes on it here:

We can keep rescuing children from slavery for forever. But if we never address the growing appetite for these kids, it will never end. When we talk about how the people buying sex in India and Asia are often times carrying passports from the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain, we must be willing to admit that they’re living in our neighborhoods, working in our offices and, yes, sitting in our churches. With extraordinary Grace, we need to talk about our own sexual brokenness, we need to invite healing, we need to pray for redemption, and we need to bravely call for justice.
Rachel Held Evans shows why the whole idea, put forward by a popular pastor, that a woman can teach a man through a book since in that medium he cannot see her, and thus basically forget she is a woman, is dehumanizing and absurd:

Ironically, Piper’s primary measure of appropriateness is whether a man feels threatened by a woman’s teaching. This is something you will hear from time to time from this camp: when in doubt, it all comes down to the degree to which a man senses he is maintaining his authority. As long as the men still feel in control, some degree of teaching from women may be permissible.

But what about men like my husband, or my pastor, or Scot, who are not threatened by the intelligent, thoughtful contributions of women in leadership?  What about men who enjoy and appreciate partnerships with women and whose sense of calling and security is not dependent upon my subjugation? Why enforce these roles onto them?

Finally, I was incredibly saddened to hear about the suicide of Rick Warren’s son.  A lot has been written by many people, and while most have laid aside any theological disagreements they have with Rick to join in his grieving, a few people on the net have posted words that are just completely mean-spirited.  Of the many good that has been written in support, I found this to be one of the best.

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