The Halcyon Dislocation-Review

An island university disappears after a science experiment goes wrong.  It reappears in an alternate universe and the residents of the island must learn to live in their new world as hopes of return diminish.

This is the premise in Peter Kazmier’s story, The Halcyon Dislocation.  If you enjoy Tolkien, Lewis and other good fantasy, this is a book you ought to check out.  For that matter, if your interests are more along the lines of science fiction, this book may be for you too.  I think it lays more on the fantasy side, but there is sci-fi in there.  Either way, it is a great story with fast-paced action, interesting characters and thoughtful dialogue.

The dialogue is one thing that most struck me.  Throughout the book the characters engage in discussions about science and religion, the existence of God, the validity or reasonableness of religion and so on.  Where Tolkien gives us religious themes and Lewis gives us allegory, Kazmier gives us Christian and atheist characters debating religion in the midst of adventuring around their new surroundings.  Yet this is not cheesy Christian fiction book.  The characters come off as real, the sort of people you might actually meet on a college campus.  While some of the characters change over the story, as they should in any good story, there is no climax with mass conversions or anything.  In the real world we all move through life, working and studying and living together.  During this time we may discuss, and argue, what we believe.  Kazmier’s world reflects that.

In other words, this is not a religious tract disguised as a novel.  Kazmier gives us a good story that contains believable characters talking about the deeper things of life.  Not only is it a good story, it leaves you wanting more.  When is the sequel coming out!

One thing that did strike me as odd is how quickly it seemed nearly everyone adjusted to being in a new world.  It seemed that most people just kind of rolled with it.  There are hints early on of some people not adjusting well and of strong leadership helping the community through.  It just seemed that the gravity of the situation was lightened.  Most characters seemed to adjust incredibly quickly – “we’re in a new world…we may never see our families again…what’s for dinner?”

That aside, it is still a great book.  Thanks Peter.

Full disclosure – I received a free copy from the author for purposes of review.

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