Embracing Nerd-dom

My whole life I have kept two parts of myself in balance – the nerd part and the sports part.

I have always enjoyed the sort of sci-fi/fantasy that defines nerds, especially Star Wars.  I have also always enjoyed watching sports, from the NFL to the NCAA tournament.  I could hold my own in a conversation about who the best Jedi was as well as I could about who the best Quarterback was.

Then something happened: to save money we got rid of cable.  Now my primary means of television was whatever Netflix had available.  Live sports were much harder to come by.

A few other factors played into it.  I spend a lot of time with college students and most of the students who I have been with the last couple years are not into sports, but they are quite into nerdy television.  A recent nail in my sports-viewing coffin came with the change of the local ESPN station to CBS radio.  I used to get my information, what helped me stay on top of sports, from ESPN.  CBS is just not as good so I don’t listen.

What is the result?

Trying desperately to get my wife to like Doctor Who!

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