Spiritual and Religious Discussion Night (Q and A!)

Last night at CSF we had a discussion night.  Or a question and answer night.  Honestly, we call it a lot of things.  It is something we do 1-2 times each semester.  We go off of our usual format and simply talk about whatever questions and topics students want to talk about.  Students each get a slip of paper to write down their question.  I am the one who gets to give an answer but on most questions  I give people a chance to offer their input.

There have been times in the past when we get a lot of new people, including many who are not Christians.  Last night we had a few visitors, but it appeared that most in the room would consider themselves Christians.  So the list of questions below can provide a small window into the sorts of questions students on secular campus who are Christians are asking.  I am sure on another night or in another place the questions might be different.  That said, I find it somewhat surprising that certain topics are absent (creation/evolution).

Here are the questions we go last night:

How do we know if the voice we hear is God’s and not our own?

Since I am a Christian, how can I not conform to the ways of my non-Christian friends?

Why do some people not like to keep their child so that someone else has to adopt them?

Why do parents give up their kids? Why can’t God perfect us to be good parents and kids?

Why is there evil in the world?

I have a Christian friend who is bisexual.  How do I tell them that what they are doing is against God?

Is it okay to be gay?

Are you allowed to date at a young age?  Is there anything in the Bible against it?

How does Islam differ from Christianity? What are the key beliefs of Islam?

When you get a cold, do you really need to pray for healing?  After all, non-Christians recover just as quickly without prayer.

Can women be pastors? Explain.

What are your opinions on modesty? (Male and Female)

Why do Christians think they are better then others?

The Bible tells us that “thou shalt not kill”. How do things like war factor into this? Is war a good thing or is it bad?

Do people such as police officers who may shoot/kill someone suffer the punishment of murder, as said in the 10 commandments?

Do you think native american indians will be saved even though they used to believe in many gods and didn’t know Christ? How come?

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