Recent Reads – Horrible Advice to Soldiers, Beiber and Trafficking, Marriage, Guns and More!

Shameful, Ridiculous and Cruel

Why on earth do people listen to anything David Barton has to say?  Not only is his history totally shoddy, but he teaches awful theology and ethics.  Whether it is assuming America is some sort of Christian nation so our wars are always blessed by God, or telling soldiers with PTSD to get over it, he’s a someone the Christian church would do well to start ignoring.

An Open Letter to Justin Beiber

Apparently Justin Beiber visited a Brazilian brothel.  This open letter shows the connection of, what to most people, is harmless fun, to the life of horror and abuse most prostitutes live:

A few years ago, I watched an interview where your mom talked about her childhood. She opened up about the sexual abuse in her past, and the lack of worth she felt as a result. In her teen years, she caught herself thinking that prostitution would be an easy way to make money. She didn’t go down that road, but she came close. Your mom explained in the interview that she totally understood how young women in vulnerable situations consider prostitution as a viable option to survive. A disproportionate number of people in prostitution are there because of lack of choice, not because of choice.

My husband and I just released a new documentary on trafficking and prostitution, and we actually considered reaching out to your mom – she’s been an amazing example of someone who overcame amazing odds to create a good life for you – and we thought she’d be a great advocate for the film and our mission.

Now take a moment to imagine if your own mother had entered the life of prostitution. Can you even imagine it? Chances are you wouldn’t be where you are today. Really, really, think about it. Homelessness, drugs, constant danger, a ravaged mother, maybe an abusive pimp, who knows. Raised in that environment, you could have ended up, dare I say, exploiting women yourself.

Women like my new Brazilian friend are trafficked for one simple reason- men with money are willing to pay for them. Why would you ever want to do that to someone else’s mother? Or daughter, or sister, or friend? You’re bigger than that, aren’t you?

Marriage: Who is it Really For?

I skimmed the article “Marriage Isn’t For You,” a bit ago when it was making the rounds on social media.  I thought it was a pretty well-written article with good points – marriage is about making the other person happy.  My friend Grace Ji-Sun Kim responds to the article from a feminist and Asian perspective, with a glance at the history of marriage:

Women had to endure this for centuries and much of this point of view still lies in the shadows of marriage today.  Women are constantly told to sacrifice and give up themselves and their bodies to carry and deliver babies.  Because marriage really isn’t about a woman’s body, it is about the survival of the family into which you married.

Women are also told to give up their careers or education for the sake of raising their children.  Remember, marriage isn’t about you.

As middle-aged women go through mid-life crises, they are again reminded to stay in a loveless marriage, because marriage isn’t about you, it is about your children, your husband’s career and about your family’s position in society.

Women who are living in abusive relationships are constantly told by the church to stay in the marriage, because marriage isn’t about you.  It is about the family.  Women cannot break up the family.

Women have constantly been told that marriage isn’t about you, it is about the other.  In some ways, it is true. In marriage, we need to give in and give up.  We need to make sacrifices and compromises for each other.  So Seth, I think you got it half right.

The Women and the Thrones

I read Game of Thrones back before it was cool.  Now it is everywhere.  This article analyzes the series as serious literature and is both thoughtful and entertaining for fans of the series.

Open Carry Demonstration: Its Not My Gun, Its Free Speech

I support your right to own a gun to protect yourself and your family.  You lose my support when a bunch of you stand threateningly outside a diner where four women are eating lunch and talking about how to keep their kids safe.  How many men with guns does it take to intimidate four moms?  The words “fake tough guy” come to mind – if you are real tough guys, why not join the military and go fight on the front line with the real men.

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