Free Hot Chocolate, Candy Canes and Prayers

“Oh, and we’ll also offer to pray for people.  We’re Christians, its what we do.”

I don’t recall if those were the exact words Andrew, president of CSF, and I wrote in the event registration form, but they were close.  For the last couple years CSF has done a sort of “Christmas outreach” during the last week of class.  We order hot chocolate from the dining halls, set up a table and offer free little cups of hot chocolate to students as they walk by.  We also have a basket full of candy canes and other chocolates.

We also put out a box and ask students if they have anything they would like us to pray for.  As we said, we’re Christian Student Fellowship, so we pray.  It goes with the “Christian” territory.  We also figure that even students who may be a bit leery to prayer most of the time would not mind any bit of help they can get with finals week approaching.

The event was last Wednesday and I left after helping set up.  When I returned hours later the prayer request box was overflowing!  If you wouldn’t mind, feel free to offer a pray for some of these requests, listed below:

*Please guide me in the right direction when it comes to my love life.

*Pray for me to pass my exams.

*Also pray that the new year is good to me. Pray for my friend Maria and for her pregnancy to go well. Pray that God brings peace to the Latino Unity Club and most of all pray that God is in control of all our lives.

*Pray for mom

*Please pray for me to pass all my finals – 13 people said this

*My niece is very sick and needs prayer

*I pray for forgiveness and peace and true happiness

*Please pray for my uncle in the hospital – not sure what is wrong yet.

*I’d like to pray for everyone and their families as we come close to holiday break. Also for everyone to do good on their finals. Also for my aunt who is in the hospital.

*Need prayer for finals week; and for my first Christmas without my family

*I pray that I will work hard on my finals but more importantly that everyone has a safe and warm place for Christmas.

“Dear God, I would like to thank you for all my blessings. I believe in you and trust you to break curse of bad things happening.

*I would like you to pray for those on campus who lost people around this time of year; and those dealing with the aftermath of losing loved ones, that things will get better.

*Pray for PSU Berks

*Pray for my family and that my life will get together

*If someone could please pray for my mother and aunt; its their first Christmas without someone special

*Pray for strength, understanding and wisdom; for transferring from this school and for God to guide me

*My friends to focus on studying instead of going out and partying.

*Conflict within the US and middle east to subside.

*I pray that I do well in college. I want to pray for protection now and over the break and make sure my friends all have a safe break and see them next year.

*Good health to all our loved ones

*Pray for my relationship and my mistake to be forgiven ; pray for my family

*Pray that these people find truth

*May God bless you

*God help me with my math exam.

*God bless my family and loved ones. And Pray for my enemies.

*I pray my mom makes it another year

*Dear God. May I pass all my finals and classes with As. I want to keep my family and friends healthy and happy.

*Going through tough financial times – hoping next year will be good and God ; for a wife and spiritual guidance

*Keep my cancer from ever coming back

*Family unity; spiritual strength; heal my heart from pain

*Winter is bad because I have Seasonal Anxiety Disorder

*I hope I do well on my finals and get accepted into graduate school

*Strength fro my family who is suffering from loss of my grandfather

*For God to take away my greed for money and lustful addictions; strength to follow God’s path and to spread the Gospel

*Watch over my family; protect me and Marco

*Pray that I pass my bio 129 final. Its very important to me. I will study very hard; also to get help on my other finals

*Please keep my family safe and warm; hope all have a blessed and safe break

*Trying to get answers to some things in my life and pray that I may have discernment to know what God is talking to me

*Pray for those that have little or nothing

*Help my parents to love each other again

*please bless my family and friends with whatever daily trials they undergo

*Pray for Laney in hopes she can become healthy enough to spend Christmas with her family and become cancer free (This one has actually taken a turn for the worst, which you can read more about here.)

*For Pat and his fathers health; that he makes it through the holidays

*My health, my boyfriend and his family, my family and for this school – Amanda

*My little brother Nicholas – has a rare genetic disorder called Microdeletion of the 17th chromosome (Koolen de- Vries Syndrome)

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