King of the Campus by Stephen Lutz

Steve Lutz does ministry with college students at Penn State University and in his previous book, College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture, gave others who work in campus ministry a lot to ponder and put into practice. His second book, King of the Campus,  is targeted not to his fellow pastors but instead to Christian students on secular university and college campuses. The book is divided into three parts. Part one looks at university life from a Christian perspective. This is the “foundation” part where Steve sets the tone by emphasizing God as the “king of the campus” (hence the title). Part two builds on part one, showing students how they are agents of this God, working to extend God’s kingdom on campus. Finally, part three goes the next step by looking at specific arenas on campus (classroom, church, parties) and how God’s kingship relates to them. 

I guess the best thing I can say about this book is that I am making my student leadership team read it this summer. It will provide us with lots to talk about as we brainstorm for the coming year on campus. I have long looked for a good book to hand out to my students that is not shallow – they’re in college and there is enough shallow Christianity out there already. I have also searched for a book to give them that focuses on their place on campus – there are many books about general ministry but life on campus is unique and needs its own treatment. Finally, I wanted something that was broad – I’ve found many books that focus on the life of the mind, developing a Christian worldview, but there is more to life in college than that. I believe Steve has done campus ministry a great service with this book!

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