Undiluted by Benjamin Corey (Review)

Over the past year or so I’ve enjoyed reading Ben Corey’s blog. He seemingly burst onto the Christian blog scene, going from not having a blog to having tremendous readership. This shows that he is striking a nerve, whether that nerve is one of people who agree with him and eagerly share his posts on social media, or those who disagree and see him as someone doing harm to the Christian faith.

He is not doing harm to the Christian faith. What he is doing harm to is the Americanized version of the Christian faith that transforms Jesus into a flag waving general leading troops onto literal battlefields to kill the bad guys or metaphorical battlefields to take back America for Jesus. Many of Corey’s blog posts point out the flaws in such Americanized Christianity. For example, he recently had a post about taking down American flags in churches.

His book Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus, serves as a testimony from Corey of how he got to where he is today and a foundation for the sort of Christianity he promotes on his blog. Basically, this book seeks to return us to the Jesus we find in scripture who preached a radical message which confronts any and all peoples. Corey shares how this message confronted him, getting quite personal in his stories about adopting his kids.

As I read I found myself wanting to follow the Jesus that Corey was writing about. You could say that Corey accomplishes what he set out to do as the reader will certainly rediscover Jesus. I highly recommend this book to any Christians. I could especially see this book being read and discussed by college students. It is the sort of book that Christians could read and be challenged by, but that their friends who are skeptical about faith could also read. Such books that appeal to both groups are few and far between, and are also a blessing.

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