Resources to Learn About And Act Against Human Trafficking

Last evening CSF took a night off from our usual meeting to attend a Human Trafficking Awareness Month event.  As a group we visited another local college where we took part in an event called Walk in a Victim’s Shoes.  The goal of this event is to help participants get a bit of a feel for what it is like to be a victim of sex trafficking, specifically to see how hard it is to get out of it once you are in it.

With that in mind, I want to share some resources for any interested in learning about human trafficking and, following that, taking steps to begin to oppose it.

First, as a shameless plug, here are a few  blogs I’ve written over the years on the subject:

Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

Why Does Turning a Camera on Make Abuse Legal?

Pimps are Criminals Who Beat Women…Which is Not Cool

Just Laws to Protect Trafficking Victims and What the Church Can Do

Halloween and Slavery

Second, here are some organizations to follow on Facebook who post frequently about trafficking.  Follow them, read the links they post and peruse their websites to learn more.

Shared Hope International

International Justice Mission

Polaris Project

Not For Sale

Third, think about getting involved in FREE (Freedom and Restoration for Everyone Enslaved) if you live around Berks County.  If you live elsewhere, find a local community organization that is working on this issue that you can volunteer with.  FREE meets the third Tuesday of each month from 7-9 PM at a local church in West Reading (Details on our website).  The first portion of time is focused on awareness raising, the rest of the time is focused on planning events.  We can definitely use more people!  The more people involved, the better events we will plan.

I know everyone is busy.  And I realize this is not the issue for everyone.  Even if you believe it is an important issue, it may not be the one you give your time to.  I believe all Christians ought to be working towards justice but none of us can do everything.  So if you pray and think about it and want to get involved, great!  If you feel you want to get involved in something else, that’s great too!  As long as you are doing something.

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