Evangelicals Denounce Payday Lenders, Join Fight For New Regulations.

Payday loans are an evil that take advantage of people in need.  I was so happy to see this headline, as this is the sort of thing I wish Christians were known for.

When people, such as students at Penn State Berks, hear “Christian”, many words come to mind.  Some of these words are positive: loving, caring, friend.  But too often these words are negative: hypocrite, judgmental, anti-gay, anti-science.*

What if this was the sort of thing people thought of when they heard “Christian”?

I had a vague memory of writing about payday loans before, and it turns out I did back in August, 2013: Collecting Interest on Loans, Sinful?  

And of course, the brilliant John Oliver did a whole segment on the evils of payday lending which is both hilarious and informative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDylgzybWAw

*CSF did a survey back in the fall so I am not just guessing here, these really are the words people think of.

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