What if This Was the Sort of Thing People Thought About When They Heard “Christian”?

Evangelicals Denounce Payday Lenders, Join Fight For New Regulations.

Payday loans are an evil that take advantage of people in need.  I was so happy to see this headline, as this is the sort of thing I wish Christians were known for.

When people, such as students at Penn State Berks, hear “Christian”, many words come to mind.  Some of these words are positive: loving, caring, friend.  But too often these words are negative: hypocrite, judgmental, anti-gay, anti-science.*

What if this was the sort of thing people thought of when they heard “Christian”?

I had a vague memory of writing about payday loans before, and it turns out I did back in August, 2013: Collecting Interest on Loans, Sinful?  

And of course, the brilliant John Oliver did a whole segment on the evils of payday lending which is both hilarious and informative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDylgzybWAw

*CSF did a survey back in the fall so I am not just guessing here, these really are the words people think of.

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