#91 – Learning Theology With the Church Fathers by Christopher Hall (My 100 Favorite Books)


I’ve always loved history.  Throughout my life, one of the most impacting times was when I came in contact with the great tradition of the history of my faith.  Over the years I have spent time reading, and learning from, spiritual masters who have gone before.  I’ve also wrestled with questions and thought long about who and what God is.  One of my favorite books that got me in touch with the early Christian church and the great thinkers of that era, was Learning Theology with the Church Fathers.  I’d go so far as to say that if you want to learn from early, great thinkers in the Christian tradition this book (and its sequels) are the place to start.  They are not too easy, they’d certainly require a bit of concentration.  But they are not too difficult, I think anyone could benefit.

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