#75 – The Sherlock Holmes Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle (My 100 Favorite Books)

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote four Sherlock Holmes novels and dozens of short stories.  All four novels are pretty good, though if I recall, I like Hound of the Baskervilles and A Study in Scarlet the best.  The short stories are mostly fun, a few are pretty weird.  Overall though, these are enjoyable stories and its no wonder people keep remaking Sherlock Holmes inspired TV shows and movies…though the Benedict Cumberbatch version should have stayed closer to the source material for season four.

*Yes, I know I am cheating by listing this as one book in my top 100.  I didn’t want to pick one and its going to happen again when we get to the likes of Tolkien and Lewis.  If I listed all their individual works, they’d be my top 20 alone.

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