#74 – A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans (My 100 Favorite Books!)


What if a person tried to follow all the rules and laws in the Bible about women for one year?  Rachel Held Evans did just that, and this is her fun and thoughtful book about her year.  I recall when it came out, one critique was that she misinterpreted the Bible.  But she addresses this, arguing that conservative Christians in America often argue we must take the Bible “literally”.  Just look at recent news, with politicians citing the Bible (proof-texting) to argue that laws must be enforced.  Evans book shows how arbitrary so many choices about which parts of the Bible to follow literally are.  There is no one thing to be called “biblical womanhood” and the Bible is a large and complex book that can be interpreted in many ways.

(As a side note, the question really is, what is your method of interpretation?  This is the exact question being addressed in Greg Boyd’s Crucifixion of the Warrior God, which I am still slogging through.)

In this post, honorable mention goes to Alan Jacobs’ The Year of Living Biblically where he seeks to obey all the laws in the Bible for a year.  His year certainly inspired Evans, as his book came first and his book is equally fun and thoughtful.

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