#68 – Elephant and Piggie by Moe Willems (My 100 Favorite Books)


When I set out to make a list of my 100 favorite books, it was obvious to anyone who knew me there would be a good dose of fantasy, history and theology.  But I couldn’t ignore some of my favorite books I’ve got to read my kids in the last few years.  The one series that rises above all other kids books, in my opinion, is Elephant and Piggie, by Moe Willems.

These books are consistently hilarious, both for kids and adults.  If you have kids you knew that there are certain books you simply get tired of reading.  We’ve all hid some of our least favorite books so our kids wouldn’t ask us to read them again.  But Elephant and Piggie has never suffered this fate.  I am always in the mood for We Are in a Book, There is a Bird on Your Head, Should I Share My Ice Cream or any of their other adventures.

Beyond this series, Moe Willems has a number of other brilliant books.  These include the series featuring the mischievious Pigeon, which could really serve as a #68b on my list.  If you’re ever feeling down, make your way to the kids section of your local book store and read some Elephant, Piggie and Pigeon and it will cheer you up!

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